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Designs To You is one of Australia's premier corporate uniform supplier. Our corporate uniforms are manufactured using sorbtek and repreve fabrics and includes suiting, corporate clothing, work wear, promotional wear for Insurance, Pharmacies, Government, Sporting Organisations
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Sorbtek 365
Sorbtek 365 : with 4-way stretch

To remain at the top of our industry, and as part of an ongoing commitment to innovation, we are continually seeking new advanced fabric and products that offer improved performance, durability, comfort and value – all the while being environmentally friendly.


Sorbtek 365 ® is an advanced polyester yarn which provides permanent moisture management and thermal comfort for warm and cold environments.


Garments made from Sorbtek 365 ® create a micro-climate between the skin and the fabric to deliver comfort year round, no matter the elements. Other benefits include 4-way mechanical stretch, breathability, stain resistance, protection against soils such as sweat and grass and no ironing.


In warm environments:

The fabric quickly absorbs and wicks moisture to the outside of the garment where it evaporates, keeping you cool and comfortable.


In cold environments:

The fabric creates a warm air layer between the body and the garment, keeping you warm and comfortable.


Repreve ® is an environmentally friendly polyester fibre made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. Since 2009 Repreve ® has transformed more than 11 billion plastic bottles to make recycled fibers. The bottle are ground, melted and turned into chips which in turn are melted and extruded to make fibre. The fibres are spun into yarns, then woven or knitted into fabrics.


Because Repreve ® offsets the need to use new resources, such as petroleum, and emits fewer greenhouse gases, it is a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable option. A verification program ensures that Repreve ® recycled fibres are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable.


Our Repreve ® fabric is sourced especially to suit the requirements of corporate wear. It is more durable than some traditional suiting fabrics, has mechanical stretch for added comfort, feels natural and breathable and very easy to care for.

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