What do astronauts and uniforms have in common?

Put bluntly; being uncomfortable at work sucks.


We’re not just talking about itchy fabrics and ill-fitting getups. Sweating or shivering your way through the day is neither pleasant nor conducive to productivity.


Just ask an astronaut.


NASA first started researching thermo-regulating clothing in the 80s when their astronauts were being exposed to volatile temperatures between -155°C to 120°C at the International Space Station. Determined to kit them out in gear that would help maintain comfortable temperatures during their spacewalk adventures, space agencies started exploring paraffin waxes that melted when heated and solidified when cooled. Impressive, right?


While the concept of temperature-changing clothing itself sounds out of this world, earth-based applications soon began to pop up. Since the late 1990s, phase changing materials have been introduced to all sorts of applications, featuring a variety of different melting points and energy storage capacities. From sportswear to bedding to – you guessed it – uniform and workwear.


Thermo-regulating fabric are so hot right now

While rocketing into space may not be many people’s 9-to-5, adjusting to varying temperatures and environments – both external and internal – is.


Whether its chefs in hot kitchens, nurses making mad dashes in ED, sales professionals visiting work sites on a hot day, or office workers navigating the unavoidable aircon wars, setting the perfect microclimate between body and your clothes is a luxury now available to all workers.



One fabric in particular is so hot right now

A textile that’s really hotting up on the materials market is TruTemp365®. Developed by Unifi, the clever fibres work to release heat when you’re warm and trap it when you’re cold.




Great question. When it’s hotting up outside, TruTemp365® fibres allow garments to quickly absorb and wick moisture to the outside of the fabric where it gets evaporated, leaving the wearer feeling cool and comfortable. Conversely, when it’s cool outside, TruTemp365® clothing creates a warm air layer between your skin and fabric that keeps you snug.


Just like NASA’s original space getup, this fabric essentially works to restore a state of comfort when the environment around you is less than ideal.



Designs To You brings TruTemp 365® to the workplace

As workwear experts who firmly believe that uniform innovation and quality begins with the right raw materials, we’re mighty proud to have TruTemp 365® on our list of trusted fabrics (alongside other performance fabrics such as recycled polyester and Milano knitwear).

In fact, we’re the only Australian supplier to stock TruTemp 365® with 4-way stretch for ultimate comfort.


As promised by the capabilities of this fabric technology, every garment in this range allows you to create an ideal microclimate between you and your uniforms.

By moving moisture away from the body the fabric keeps you cool on warm days. Alternatively, the fabric’s insulative properties help keep you warm on cool days, providing comfort year-round, regardless of the weather.


TruTemp 365® is also luxuriously soft and breathable, durable, stain-resistant and – perhaps best of all – it doesn’t require ironing. No wonder we can’t keep up with the orders…



Why is what they’re wearing important?

From wardrobe staples like a smart cropped pant or pencil skirt to chic workwear additions like the integrated lapel jacket or the 2-button jacket, we’ve got the goods to help shape a uniform your team will feel fab in, whatever the weather.


Browse our TruTemp365® collection.


Better yet, want to create a uniform collection that is both cool and hot? Get in touch.

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