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Traditionally wearing a uniform was seen as a way of showing staff loyalty and unity, so not much emphasis was placed on individuality and creativity. Uniform suppliers often offered a standard range of suits, shirts and polos, usually steering clear of fashion trends and preferring to stick with safe options. With such dichotomy between uniforms and fashion there was unfortunately little to get excited about in those days.


But corporate uniforms have not gone out of style, quite the opposite actually. As many companies shift towards a more casual approach to corporate wear, the uniform industry has had to adapt in order to stay in the game. Today’s uniforms are available in a bigger variety of colours and designs than ever before. Better yet, the introduction of new fibre innovation and advanced fabric technology means modern uniforms provide enhanced performance as well as improved comfort and durability.


But wait, there’s more… here are the top 5 reasons why uniforms should be a part of your business:


Look the part

The most important advantage of uniforms for many companies is that they promote a professional look and brand image. This can be particularly important for businesses that provide services direct to customers, i.e. healthcare providers and pharmacies, retail chains, hotels, airlines etc. With the power of social media, customers are far more judgmental than ever. Ensuring your employees are dressed appropriately and look the part will help create a more professional perception of your business. 


Improve your customer experience

With increasing customers demands and expectations, it makes perfect sense to help them find your staff in a jiffy. When customers recognise your staff members easily, they can get the assistance they need faster. This ultimately leads to improved customer experience, better sales, higher overall satisfaction and hopefully some positive reviews online.


Promote your brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business and together with the right uniforms can become an integral part of your corporate identity. When your employees are wearing their uniforms, whether at or outside of work, they are effectively providing free brand advertising and increased brand recognition. By choosing uniforms that work in tandem with your products and business culture you can take advantage of this powerful and free brand promotion tool.


Unite your team

A uniform can be a powerful tool for creating unity, equality and a sense of belonging for your employees. The right uniform solution will not only be fit for purpose, but should also make your team feel comfortable, presentable and proud to be a part of the company. When your employees feel good it has a positive flow on effect on many other areas of your business, ultimately resulting in a better culture and happier customers.
To make your uniform a success story we recommend involving employees in the selection and design process and to seek their feedback about the look and functionality. 


Increase performance

Did you know that Scientific research has shown people in formal uniforms tend to perform better than whose wearing casual clothes? Uniforms are even beneficial for negotiations skills! The psychology behind this suggests that the effects of wearing uniforms are related to feelings of power and authority, which in turn boosts confidence.


There are of course many other benefits to business uniform, such as meeting safety standards, tax deductions, saves time getting dressed etc.  With so many uniforms options available, there’s a uniform solution that’s right for your business, and we can even help you find it.


Ready to take the first step in your business uniforms journey? get in touch.


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