Our Fabrics

Uniform innovation and quality begins with fabrics. That’s why we are continually sourcing advanced fabrics that offer improved performance, durability, comfort and value.  These are some of the fabrics we use:


Repreve® is an eco-friendly polyester fibre made entirely from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. Since 2009 Repreve® has transformed over 11 billion plastic bottles to make recycled fibers.

Because Repreve® uses plastic waste and offsets the need to use new resources, such as petroleum, and emits fewer greenhouse gases, it is a better and more sustainable option for the planet . A verification program ensures that Repreve® recycled fibres are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable.

Our Repreve® fabrics are very suited for corporate wear. They feels natural, breathable, comfortable and are more durable than some traditional fabrics.


We currently use Repreve® in our men’s pants, chinos range and pharmacy jackets.

TruTemp 365®

TruTemp 365TM is an innovative fibre with permanent moisture management and thermal regulation properties.
The unique fibre shape moves moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates, keeping you dry and comfortable.
The fibre also works to create an ideal micro climate between the fabric and the body to provide comfort year-round, regardless of the weather. It keeps you cool and dry in the heat, warm and comfortable in the cold.
Our TruTemp 365TM fabric has 4-way stretch for all day comfort and is inherently stain resistant against soils such as sweat and grass.

We currently use TruTemp 365TM in our women’s suiting separates.

Milano knitwear

Developed especially for Designs To You, Milano knitwear offers the next level in comfort and style.

The fabric is made using a hi-twist yarn in a compact knit stitch. This creates a robust knit structure that has outstanding stretch and recovery properties and offers excellent shape retention and support.

Versatile and very durable, our Milano knitwear is also machine washable, fade resistant and will not snag of pill easily. All these features make it a far better option to traditional wool blend , acrylic or cotton knitwear.

Explore our modern Milano styles and discover the future of corporate wear.

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