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Our fabrics

Uniform innovation and quality begins with raw materials. From Milano knits to innovative fibres made from recycled plastics, these are some of our favourite fabrics.


Recycled polyester fabrics

Our range of recycled polyester fabrics are created with Repreve® – a sustainable fibre made entirely from used plastic bottles and other post consumer plastic waste.

Unlike virgin polyester, recycled polyester reduced the use of  new resources such as petroleum, emits less greenhouse gases, and keeps plastic waste out of landfill.

Recycled polyester can still shed tiny microfibers in the wash, which can end up back in waterways. We recommend using a washing bag that filters microfibres during the washing process.

Learn more about our recycled polyester initiatives

Thermo regulating fabric

Our exclusive thermo-regulating suiting fabric is made from 100% TruTemp 365® with 4-way stretch. This innovative polyester fibre uses a unique technology that moves moisture away from the body, creating an ideal microclimate between you and your uniforms.

By moving moisture away from the body the fabric keeps you cool you on warm days. Alternatively, the fabric’s insulative properties help keep you warm on cool days, providing comfort year-round, regardless of the weather.


Learn more about TruTemp 365®

Milano knitwear

Milano knitwear is made with two sets of hi-twist yarn knitted diagonally. The compact knit construction creates a robust and more durable fabric that has superior stretch and recovery properties.

This excellent stretch and recovery mean that Milano knits don’t stretch out of shape and provide a super comfy fit that is both supportive and unrestrictive.

Unlike standard knits, Milano knits are run resistant and don’t pill or fade. They are breathable, machine washable and suitable for all climates. It’s a real winner in the knitwear department!

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