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27 Billion plastic bottles recycled, and counting

The technology behind recycled polyester has been around since the early 90’s, but it wasn’t until the past few years that recycled polyester has really taken off in the fashion industry.

Currently only 9% of plastics are being recycled around the world. However with growing focus on climate and sustainability we are now far more conscious about our environmental impact. Recycled polyester is one of the ways we can make uniforms more sustainable and do our part for reducing plastic waste.

Our sustainability journey

As part of our commitment to making sustainable uniforms, we’re proudly using Repreve® – an advanced recycled polyester fabric made from plastic bottles and other used materials – to make many of our uniforms.

In fact, we’ve been using Repreve®  since 2015 and currently around 20% of our uniforms are already made with recycled polyester.

Our ultimate goal is to minimise the use of virgin synthetic fibres and for our entire core uniforms range to be sustainable by 2023.

What’s so good about recycled polyester?

Unlike virgin polyester, recycled polyester uses discarded plastic bottles and other post consumer waste, which means they don’t end up in landfill. Because the raw materials are recycled, no petroleum is used in the process.

The production of Repreve® uses about 90% less water than virgin polyester and the process requires far less energy than producing normal polyester. In fact 33% to 53% less energy is required.

Polyester might have a bit of a bad reputation but it is the most used fibre in the world for a reason. It’s durable, versatile, has moisture wicking properties and easy care.

The performance and durability of recycled polyester is the same as virgin polyester. Our recycled polyester fabrics are also breathable. The only difference is that the environmental impact is much lower.

recycled polyester uniforms process

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