Our sustainability journey

Our sustainability journey

We are committed to doing things better

At DTY, we are on a journey to making better uniforms through sustainable and ethical practices.


We believe we have a responsibility to play our part in the shift to a sustainable world.
We are therefore committed to setting high standards and proactively driving positive change throughout our business, supply chain and our community.

100% Committed

By the end of 2023 our entire core range will be sustainable.
We aim to achieve this by minimising virgin synthetic fibres as much as possible, as well as using recycled and eco-friendly fabrics, materials and packaging.
Ethical sourcing

We are committed to conducting our business activities with the highest standards of responsibility and integrity. Our commitment also extends to evaluating and engaging with suppliers in an ethical manner and building mutually beneficial relationships.

Reducing waste

Almost 80 per cent of unwanted textiles, including old uniforms, end up in landfill. We can provide uniform recycling services.
But even more importantly, our uniforms are designed and made to last longer, which reduces unnecessary waste.

Sustainable packaging

We are working on minimising the use of virgin plastics in our packaging and products. Our garment bags and shipping satchels are made from 100% recycled LDPE and are recyclable.
We also use 100% recycled or repurposed boxes in our warehouse and for all deliveries.

Ethical employer

People are the key to our success and we are committed to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our staff, suppliers, customers and communities.
We respect and support our people and provide them with opportunities to develop and succeed.

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